Lifetime Factory Certification Now Available!

METAL-TEC Factory Training & Certification
Correspondence Course

Whether you have been certified in the past or you would like to become a METAL-TEC Certified Trainer for your department or agency, now is your opportunity to receive a Lifetime Certification for only $99. Becoming a Certified METAL-TEC Trainer will allow you to train the members of your agency, at no additional cost, and to properly implement the METAL-TEC within your agency.  

Order your Correspondence course package which includes a Video on DVD, Workbook, final exam, and upon successful completion of the course you will receive your Lifetime Trainer's Certificate. You can order the complete correspondence course for only $99, and complete this open book course at your leisure.

METAL-TEC Correspondence Training

This course is exclusively for Law Enforcement, Government, Military, Corrections & Security Trainers wishing to implement METAL-TEC within their department or agency, join the over 3,550 trainers already certified.


Each person who completes the correspondence training course and returns the exam with a passing grade will become certified by the factory to train the members of their department or agency. Training will cover how to incorporate the METAL-TEC into your SOP standards for hand searches, allowing you to conduct a more thorough search for concealed weapons on subjects in the field. This course will help you learn to improve officer safety, and reduce liability by implementing the METAL-TEC. Now each officer in your department can conduct a more thorough search for weapons on subjects in the field.

Topics Covered:

• Determining the density of metallic objects being detected (is it a gun, knife or razor blade)
• Determining the metal object's shape and size to help identify the object's threat level
• How to pinpoint the location of metal objects once detected
• How officers can effectively search opposite sex and juvenile subjects using minimal contact
• Locate weapons concealed behind smaller metal objects found in clothing (such as zippers and bra wires)
• How to locate nonmetallic objects using probing and tapping techniques
• Addressing the Issues of the " Terry Pat Down "
• How to eject objects out of subject's pockets using the METAL-TEC
• Proper testing and utilization of the METAL-TEC
• Proper maintenance and battery replacement
• Proper implementation of the vehicle mounting kit and belt worn holster
The Correspondence Course Includes:

• Training video (1 copy for PC and 1 copy for DVD player)
• Complete training curriculum manual
• Course Final Exam
• Upon satisfactory completion of the Course, a LIFETIME Trainer's certificate will be issued.

Note: All course materials (Manual, Disc and the Officer's test included in the manual) can be duplicated and used as part of your inhouse training curriculum at no additional cost for inhouse officer training.

One-time Correspondence Course Fee: $99.00 per Trainer

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